GlobalMindED Conference June 9-11, 2018

GlobalMind ED is dedicated to creating a diverse talent pipeline to recruit more women, people of color and First Generation to graduate high school and college ready for strong careers in tech and across the disciplines.  Please considering attending the Annual Conference and Pre-conference on June 9-11 at the Denver Downtown Sheraton for special events for teachers. Teachers who want to attend the conference and have no budget to do so, can apply for a scholarship at the bottom of the home page at GlobalMindED.

The theme of this fourth annual conference will be Bold Leaders Delivering Inclusive Outcomes, and will draw 1,100 thought leaders in business, education, STEM, and more in Denver, CO.

Goals of this conference include:

Improve Creativity, Innovation, and Risk in Classroom and Career

If we excite students and graduates to move out of their learning comfort zones, to push themselves harder to develop essential soft and hard career skills, to become adaptive and strategic thinkers who embrace change, they will be ready for the professional world regardless of where they went to college or which career move they make first. Cultivating these skills will prepare students for success in the global marketplace.

Shift Learning Paradigms and Flip Classrooms

Today, students have the power to teach themselves. To motivate and inspire students, faculty must be both teacher and coach. They must facilitate a class by providing ample opportunity for students to prepare in advance and come to class ready to deepen their learning by working in pairs, triads, and groups. GlobalMindED will present sessions using the flipped-classroom model where attendees prepare ahead of time to encourage engagement, interactivity, and problem solving during the session.

Make Collaborative Connections with People from Around the World

Questioning, collaborating, connecting, sharing insights about successes and failures, and building better ideas and models define the GlobalMindED conference environment.