Research to Understand the Effect of Chronic Wasting Disease on Mule Deer Populations

Colorado State University is conducting research on the mule deer population in the Laramie Foothills.  The study, sponsored by the United States National Science Foundation, seeks to improve our basic, scientific understanding of the dynamics of deer populations infected with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Researchers will work to understand how CWD influences population growth relative to other factors, such as predation and genetics. The study is an interdisciplinary study including faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from CSU’s Natural Resources Ecology Lab and the Departments of Biology, Mathematics, and Statistics. We also work with local high schools with a semi-annual ‘CWDeers Day’ to show local high school students how science works with all disciplines participating.  High school teachers and students have also participated in the annual capture effort to determine whether deer have CWD and fit them with radio telemetry collars.

Contact Info

College of Natural Sciences
NREL (joint with Mathematics, Statistics, and Biology)
Professor Tom Hobbs – (970) 492-4209
Professor Jennifer Hoeting – (970) 491-2897