Other CSU Offices

CSU has many centers and institutes who regularly engage in education and outreach from Pre-Kindergarten all the way to public outreach.

Alliance Summer STEM Institute

Alliance Summer STEM Institute is a series of three one-week summer programs for high school students entering grades 9-12. The goals of this institute are to implement hands on activities in math and science, to expose young students to engineering concepts, and to provide team work and leadership opportunities. The program’s emphasis is to demonstrate how math and science are used to create the designed world. Students will get a collegiate experience, spending each week living in the CSU residence halls with college student mentors. Topics include Biomedical Engineering; Clouds, Weather, and Climate; and Renewable Energy.


Education and Outreach Center

The College of Natural Sciences Education & Outreach Center is an incubator for innovation in STEM education. The EOC serves both CSU and K-12 students and faculty through a wide variety of programs. A common thread that weaves through all EOC programs is increasing the quality, quantity, and diversity of students in STEM disciplines. Particular emphasis is on finding new ways to promote scientific creativity and innovation, attributes essential for global competitiveness in the 21st century. Many of the EOC programs focus on providing authentic scientific research experiences for both learners and teachers.


Little Shop of Physics

Little Shop of Physic (LSOP) is a group of science educators and science students based out of Colorado State University. Their goal is to make science accessible and teach people that science is something anyone can do. Over the years, LSOP has grown into a dynamic science outreach program that works with teachers, schools, and students of all ages. The VW bus that started off the program 25 years ago is now a 12-passenger van that takes over 100 interactive exhibits to every school. Over 20, 000 students get the LSOP experience every year. The LSOP program offerings include: school visits, teacher resources, teacher workshops, as well as Everyday Science shows, podcasts, and classroom kits.