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CSU Sketch-UP

Location: Online

Event/Activity Description

A google classroom course has been developed for high school students. The Google Classroom course name: CSU Sketch-Up. The students can log into the self-paced course and engage with structured video tutorials to build a one-story house.
The google classroom includes several modules. All topics covered include:
Welcome / Overview
Module 00 – Interface
Module 01 – Foundation
Module 02 – Exterior Wall
Module 03 – Interior Wall
Module 04 – Front Porch Posts
Module 05 – Attic
The videos are transcribed and speed can be customized through ECHO 360 to create an inclusive learning environment for all students.
Module 06 – Roof
Module 07 – Doors and Windows
Module 08 – Materials
Module 09 – 3D Warehouse
Module 10 – Geo-location

Event/Activity Details

Target Populations:

High School Students

Program Type:

Stand-alone program

Instructional Delivery Methods:


Other Instructional Delivery Methods:

3D modeling, self-paced, free virtual course

Participation Fees:

Free Program

Collaboration Opportunities

New members of the target population(s) can get involved / participate in the program.
CSU researchers can collaborate with research or evaluation.
CSU researchers can collaborate with programming or practical implementation.

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Primary Contact

Maria Delgado
Assistant Professor
Design and Merchandising

Contact Information

(970) 391-2460
Email Maria Delgado
Visit Maria Delgado’s Website

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