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Muscles Alive!

Location: Front Range, On-campus, Within Colorado

Event/Activity Description

Muscles Alive! is a neuroscience educational outreach program.  It is an extension of research topics and techniques used in the Neuromuscular Function Lab at Colorado State University. The program uses hands-on, kid-friendly equipment to perform experiential demonstrations to teach 4th-12th graders about how their brain communicates with their muscles and how their muscles communicate with their brain.  Participants get to see, hear, record, and experience their own brain’s command to the muscle and experience very robust, fun, and attention-getting illusions and phenomena related to reflexes and proprioception (ability to sense the position and orientation and movement of one’s body).

Event/Activity Details

Target Populations:

College Students, Continuing Education, High School Students, K-5 Students, Middle School Students, The Public

Program Type:

Stand-alone program

Instructional Delivery Methods:

Demonstration or simulation, Inquiry/hands-on

Participation Fees:

Free Program

Collaboration Opportunities

New members of the target population(s) can get involved / participate in the program.
CSU researchers can collaborate with research or evaluation.

CSU at National Western Center Theme:


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Primary Contact

Brian L. Tracy
Associate Professor
Health and Exercise Science

Contact Information

970 491-2640
Email Brian L. Tracy

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