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Wild about Wildlife

Location: Fort Collins

Event/Activity Description

The Environmental Learning Center at CSU offers after-school programs for schools in the Poudre School District. Formats can vary to meet the needs of your school and families, though a typical format is to meet weekly for six weeks. These programs focus on learning through hands-on indoor and outdoor environmental education experiences.

Program Details:

  • Each program can be adapted for either K -2nd  or 3rd -5th  grade
  • 20 students per program maximum
  • Incorporates State Educational Standards and school’s academic goals
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Includes outdoor activities, as weather permits
  • $50/child for each 6-week program; Scholarships available

In the Wild about Wildlife program, students will learn about the adaptations that help wildlife survive and the ecosystems in which they live. They will become expert trackers, identifying wildlife by their tracks and scat. Option to include presentations with live animals.

Event/Activity Details

Target Populations:

K-5 Students

Program Type:

Stand-alone program

Instructional Delivery Methods:


Participation Fees:

Paid Program

Description of Fees:


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Environmental Learning Center

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