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Seed Funding

The University of Utah Center for Excellence in Ethical, Legal, and Social (ELSI) Issues in Genetic Research (UCEER) is accepting applications for seed grants from students and scholars from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds including University of Utah graduate students, post-docs, and faculty. The seed grant program supports small, well-defined projects from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds that focus on ethical, legal, and social issues relevant to human genetics.

In addition to traditional research projects, research is defined broadly to include scholarly activities conducted by those in disciplines such as humanities, fine arts, and health sciences. The grants will also will support activities that strengthen teaching and learning in schools and colleges, facilitate research and original scholarship, provide opportunities for lifelong learning, preserve and provide access to cultural and educational resources or strengthen the institutional base of the humanities. All proposed activities must be related to ELSI issues in human genetics.


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Education, STEM

Educational Research

College Students, High School Students, K-5 Students, Middle School Students