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Introducing the New STEM Center Website

Since its creation in 2011 the STEM Center at Colorado State University has served as a central hub of collaboration and connection in the STEM fields for campus members and the community. Although our original website served its purpose during the earlier stages of the Center we realized to best serve the needs of our audience and to further fulfill our mission we needed a more innovative and compelling online presence.

To this end we worked with Road Warrior Creative to create a website which features a user-friendly, searchable database of STEM-related resources, a place for visitors to browse and submit STEM-related events and activities, to request an evaluation consultation, and to understand, at a glance, the broad impact of CSU’s efforts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

New STEM Center Website
Screenshot of the Home Page

What You’ll Find On Our New Site

We would like to highlight a few features of the new CSU STEM website:

Resources for Specific Audiences:

The STEM Center has identified six target audiences whom we serve; CSU Faculty/Staff, Educator, K-12 Student, Current/Prospective CSU Student, Community Member, External Partner, and CSU Faculty/Staff. Visitors to the website can select one of these target audiences on our homepage and the website will re-populate with resources specific to that audience category.

Recent News & Resources:

STEM Center staff, along with contributions from other CSU programs and departments will develop posts around a number of different topics, including STEM in Everyday Life, STEM Advancements, Resources for Grant Development Series, and Program Evaluation Resources. Each series will be updated monthly with news and information pertinent to each topic.

Guidance on STEM Research & Education Projects:

Along with the monthly updates on Program Evaluation Resources, the STEM Center is also available to assist STEM researchers with their research and education projects. Visitors can use the “Request A Consultation” button to contact STEM Center personnel after reading the overview of the STEM Center’s Services..

Upcoming STEM Events, Activities & Programs:

Upcoming Events Section Screenshot
Screenshot of the Upcoming Events & Activities Search

Any STEM-related program, event, or activity will be posted and visitors to the website can fill out an online form to include their event/activity/program to the list. This list is also searchable by target audience, start/end dates, keywords, CSU college, and National Western Center themes.

Newest Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities specific to STEM education will be posted and updated regularly. Visitors can also search the database by funding agency, subject areas, deadline date, and award amount, with the option to export their search results.  

Support STEM

Visitors to the website will have the option to support STEM education and research through donations by clicking the “Donate” button on the bottom of each page.

Please enjoy the new website and as always we welcome any feedback,
The STEM Center

Ernie Chavez, Ph.D., Director
Laura Sample McMeeking, Ph.D., Associate Director
Julie Maertens, Ph.D., Senior Evaluator
Cheryl Bowker, Ph.D., Research Coordinator