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STEM Events & Activities

World TB Day at Colorado State University

World TB Day annually raises awareness about the infectious lung disease tuberculosis, which kills some 1.5 million people each year, mainly in developing countries. The global event marks Dr. Robert Koch’s discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as the cause of TB on March 24, 1882. Koch was a German physician known as the founder of modern...

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Summer E-Camp

Join us for another year of our middle school summer camp, E-CAMP! This camp aims to connect youth entering grades 6-8 to the natural world through learner-led inquiry, hands-on and active exploration and fun in a community of peers. This is the perfect camp for students who are interested in wildlife, the environment, and want...

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Applied Physiology Camp

Applied Physiology Camp is a hands-on academic day camp for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a strong interest in science and are considering pursuing a career in a health-related field such as medicine, physical or occupational therapy, health and exercise science, or in scientific research. The camp blends exciting concepts in physiology and neurology...

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100 Views of Climate Change, website

This website collects & annotates high quality accessible articles, websites, and other resources that cover a wide range of aspects of the topic: the physical & natural sciences, effects on humans, responses from ethics, religion, and the arts, and more.

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