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IRES Track II: Advanced Study Institute: Field Studies of Convection in Argentina

Sixteen graduate students will be recruited to participate in a 21-day Advanced Study Institute (ASI) in Argentina in conjunction with the NSF-sponsored RELAMPAGO (Remote sensing of Electrification, Lightning, And Mesoscale/microscale Processes with Adaptive Ground Observations) field campaign from 30 October thru 19 November 2018. The ASI program will provide a dynamic and highly collaborative research experience by focusing on five key elements: (1) intensive field research with active field campaign instrumentation platforms under the guidance of the instrument PIs; (2) recruitment of a diverse set of graduate students who would not otherwise have opportunities to participate in intensive field research; (3) an ASI curriculum focused on scientific understanding of cloud and mesoscale processes of the atmosphere and professional/academic development topics; (4) outreach to local K-12 schools and organized cultural activities; and (5) building a collaborative international research network between the U.S., Argentina, and Brazil to promote weather and climate research. These five elements serve to increase motivation and improve self-confidence of students to participate in scientific research and field work with goals of increasing retention in STEM graduate programs and advancing the careers of students from underrepresented groups. The experience for participating advanced graduate students is intentionally designed by the multi-cultural and international ASI organizing committee to develop a wide variety of professional skills to prepare the students for the transition to their careers. The CSU STEM Center serves as the evaluators for this project.

Status: Current

PI Institution: Colorado State University

Source of Funding: NSF

Funding Program: IRES

Award Amount: $154,378

Start Date: 08/01/2018

End Date: 07/31/2019

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