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STEM Center is proud to continue their work with the Alliance Partnership

The STEM Center at Colorado State University is again serving as the independent evaluator for the education and outreach activities of the Alliance Partnership Summer Institutes‘ STEM programs. Our evaluation serves two purposes: (1) provide feedback for interactive development and refinement of the educational activities, and (2) provide results to gauge the success of the activities.

Prior years’ evaluations have included the River Science course and the Earth Systems Science and Sustainability course. The STEM Center will continue our evaluation collaboration with the 2020 suite of Alliance Partnership Summer STEM Programs.

The Alliance Partnership unites students, families, high school personnel, and the Colorado State University community in a common goal: to envision education beyond high school and send a greater number of Colorado students to college. 

The goal of the Alliance Partnership is to work together with communities to raise the expectation that all students can pursue an education beyond high school. They listen to the needs of each community and respond by providing the necessary tools and resources to students, families, and schools.