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Submit an Event or Activity

Thank you for providing information on your education and outreach efforts to the CSU STEM Center. The purpose of this form is to document the STEM education, outreach, and engagement activities happening at CSU. The information you provide will help us create a searchable database  for education and outreach programming on this CSU STEM Center website.

The purpose of the searchable database is to provide an organizational tool to document outreach happening at CSU for…

  • Those in the community (e.g., teachers interested in having their students participate in the outreach effort, teachers inviting guest lecturers, parents of students looking for activities and resources for their children, organizations looking to fund outreach)
  • Those at CSU (e.g., researchers looking for partnership, collaborators looking to partner in practice, other outreach programs looking for guidance)
  • Those at the National Western Center (e.g., outreach coordinator planning collaborative programming, potential funders looking to engage through CSU’s partnership with the National Western Center [NWC], marketing specialists looking to highlight CSU programs )

Outreach activities can be as an individual (e.g., guest lecturing/ teaching / leading activities) or with a group (e.g., a formal or informal outreach program, funded or not funded)—we have intentionally used a broad definition. Below, please provide information on any projects that are happening currently or those that will likely happen in the future.