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Mission & Goals


The CSU STEM Center is dedicated to the development of informed global citizens through building partnerships, connecting people and resources, building capacity for education and outreach, engaging in collaborations, and showcasing Colorado State University’s work in STEM research, education, and engagement.

CSU STEM Education & Outreach Hub

Building capacity for and partnerships in STEM education, outreach, and engagement.

Building Capacity

Consultation on Education & Outreach

evaluation services iconExcellent programs make big impacts. The STEM Center consults with faculty and staff on their STEM education and outreach programs, to (1) help refine, adapt, expand, or extend their ideas; and (2) connect them to relevant resources, organizations, and people.

Evaluation & Research Services

evaluation research puzzle piece iconEvaluation and research are valuable parts of continuously improving our education and outreach efforts. The STEM Center contracts and collaborates on grant or alternatively funded efforts to provide evaluation and research services unique to each program.

Funding Database

funding opportunities iconFunding is necessary for successful design and implementation of research and programming. The STEM Center provides a filterable database of local, national, and international STEM Education and Outreach funding opportunities.

Building Partnerships

Programs and Events Database

activities events and programs iconCSU offers many excellent STEM Education and Outreach programs for a variety of participants. The STEM Center provides a central repository for these programs and events through an easily accessible filterable database.

Program, Practice, & Research Highlights

digital highlights iconAmazing work happens at CSU! The STEM Center will write original news articles and link to existing articles highlighting the STEM Education and Outreach work and cutting-edge STEM research of CSU faculty and staff.

STEM Education & Outreach Community

community collaboration iconInterests and expertise in STEM Education and Outreach vary across campus. The STEM Center will provide (forthcoming) a filterable database of researchers and practitioners of STEM Education and Outreach to connect interested individuals and groups.