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Poudre School District Work-Based Learning @ CSU

The PSD Work-Based Learning Program

Poudre School District (PSD) has a robust work-based learning program that offers Poudre and Thompson School Districts’ high school students internships, apprenticeships, capstone projects, and paid part-time work experience with a variety of community partners. Colorado State University is an ideal community partner for PSD’s work-based learning program and strengthens the CSU-PSD partnership.

PSD uses the platform Xello, an award-winning online program for college and career readiness. PSD has incorporated work-based learning into their future-readiness curriculum in Xello, allowing high school students to see local company profiles and opportunities. Interested CSU employees can create an account on Xello to post and manage their work-based learning opportunities and connect with students.

Help Develop the Future’s Workforce

Get started by creating an account on Xello – the online platform used by PSD

Work-Based Learning Options With Poudre School District

PSD has a wide variety of work-based learning options available to employers, including internships, apprenticeships, capstone projects, and paid part-time work. PSD’s Work-Based Learning website details each of these options. The STEM Center has also created a website with work-based learning information specific to CSU faculty & staff.

Meet other CSU members involved in work-based learning

There are numerous CSU faculty and staff in a variety of disciplines that provide work-based learning opportunities to high schoolers. Read about their work and the types of opportunities they have provided for students.

Multimedia Resources

Do you need data to convince yourself or others about the significant impacts a work-based learning program can have on high schoolers? Our free multimedia resources can be accessed and used for dissemination to a wide variety of audiences. If you aren’t seeing data or a format you need, please reach out to the STEM Center by filling out this CONTACT FORM.

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