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CAREER: Towards a paradigm of molecular-level control of solid-state chemistry

This project will pursue innovative approaches to design and synthesize new materials; the discovery of inorganic solids with novel properties can bring solutions to various societal challenges. A paradigm of materials design would serve to transform the way in which we create and use novel materials. One could predict, and then create, an atomistic structure that gives rise to the desired properties. However, this targeted design of functional materials remains to be a difficult task. This project will study the science of synthesis by understanding and modifying the pathways through which materials are formed chemically. This fundamental research has the additional potential to discover new chemical transformations that can be exploited for efficient energy conversion and storage. Materials chemistry education is an important ingredient for a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skilled workforce. However, general chemical education often centers on molecular structures. This project will create STEM education kits that engage K-12 students with materials chemistry while aligning with K-12 State Science Standards. The outreach activities will be partnered with a Research Experience for Preservice Teachers program to improve the kit implementation and to provide teachers with experience in scientific research. The CSU STEM Center serves as the evaluators for this project.

Status: Current

PI: Jamie Neilson

PI Institution: Colorado State University

Source of Funding: NSF

Funding Program: CAREER

Award Amount: $588,519

Start Date: 07/01/2017

End Date: 06/30/2022

Link for more information: