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Building searchable community databases with WordPress

This panel discussed how to best use WordPress to create searchable databases that provide value to your institution and community and take your website from a brochure site to an interactive tool.

Panelists discussed four different WordPress-powered databases created by the Colorado State University STEM Center and Colorado-Wyoming Alliance for Minority Participation, which allow students, faculty, staff, and the public to search for STEM-related programs, events/activities, funding opportunities, and faculty available for research collaboration. The discussion included goals behind these databases, specific tools used in implementation, special considerations for building with WordPress, and lessons learned for encouraging engagement campus-wide post-launch.

This panel featured Dr. Cheryl Bowker (Associate Director, STEM Center), Amber Hinds (CEO, Equalize Digital), Steve Jones (Developer, Equalize Digital), and Dr. Kimberly Henry (Professor, Colorado State University) at the WPCampus Online Conference, Sept. 22, 2021.

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